A Moment to Live

Some time ago, we started to turn the hope of being able to create respectful hospitality into a reality. To create not a place to eat, but a “sense of place”, where the guest can make and take advantage of the many possibilities that the restaurant offers to the world. You get to a point in your life where one of the priority needs is the respect for yourself.


With time and the possibility of confronting each other we have understood that one of the noblest ways to respect oneself is through respect for others. Respect is transparency, respect is to be able to declare what guides us and what we are bringing to the plate. At a time when one of the most overused and abused words is that of “quality”, we don’t merely talk of quality, but rather, we share with our guests the results of the research that we undertake daily, to present the produce we use, the methods and the story behind it in a manner which respects both the produce and our guests.


The Market “Kitchen”

.. even when it is difficult to go to the market on a daily basis, for us the goal is to go beyond the market; to go to the places where our fine produce is grown and created; to speak with those who have their hands in the ground, with those who have grabbed the fruits of the ocean from the water in the cold of the morning. This is a great gift, this is what allows us to narrate, without hesitation, the hopes and commitments that animate the producers, where our materials have come from, what air one breathes in those places… and even how each of you can visit them if desired.


This connection with our suppliers is the reason the kitchen is able to pay absolute attention and respect to the material, and the products which rise to our attention on any given day allow us to create, and demand of us, a continually changing menu, which is not printed, but discussed in a participatory manner with the guests. We do have an à la carte menu featuring 4-5 preparations each of dishes which could be considered starters, first and second dishes and desserts.

Every preparation is made fresh in the moment, and for this reason we are pleased to provide the option, even at the moment of ordering, to adapt to the requirements and indications of the guests. We are, however, well-known for our Degustation Menus for which our guests love to rely on us; enjoying not knowing what our succession of ideas is composed of. To maintain the joy of surprise, we say little more than that our degustation proposals are normally composed of eight creations…

Every minute detail of the Degustation is part of a progression; a link between the sensations that precede and follow it, like phrases in a symphony. For this reason, nothing is drawn from the day’s menu. However, even in the case of our surprise degustations, our talented chef Edi can adapt to different needs, allergies, intolerances or eating habits that do not coincide with the initial concept. Our talented chef is well able to adapt her creations to the demands of coeliac disease or other intolerances and allergies, allowing all our guests to enjoy an equally complex and surprising dining experience.

We are well-prepared and organised within the kitchen to prepare dishes free of any risk of allergen contamination. All our starters and main courses are suitable for gluten intolerances, but also for other allergens. Rice and gluten-free pastas are always available and can be made with the same extra ingredients as non-allergen courses. If we are notified in advance, we can produce polenta, rice loaves and other products, which can be used according to need.

All pets are welcome in the garden and in the halls without any size restrictions – though elephants and giraffes may not fit through the doors!. Do not hesitate to call or email us if you are curious about the concept for the day of your interest.

Mise En Place

The mise en place is an artistic dimension of catering and as such should not be underestimated. We have taken great care when creating the atmosphere of the restaurant to communicate its identity whilst welcoming guests, to stimulate their aesthetic sense and initiate an emotional journey which serves as a prelude to a world of flavour sensations.

Refined yet Cosy

Tablecloths, plates, cutlery, goblets, lights, flowers and accessories are the elements that – in addition or subtraction – give life to a well-defined, unique environment. They represent a complex of attentions which gratify, relax and stimulate expectations. We have studied and considered our table settings in depth; analysing and combining the many factors which will honour the commitment, creativity and skill of the kitchen and enhance the dining experience.

“to start over, to take all that the food of the peasant and mariner has embedded in our memories, to break it down, understand it and rearrange its elements; this is what I do in my kitchen every day, when I return from the morning shopping. When selecting material, I seek those to which the effect of “time” has brought richness and exclusivity. Someone has defined the kitchen I propose as “crisp”. The material is the basis of my breath and I try to maintain the integrity and purity of the ingredients in the construction of a dish made of elements which, overall, serve to put equilibrium in our identity.”

cit. Edi Dottori