The Chef Edi Dottori

Originally from Marche, chef Edi Dottori cooks from her soul, and brings from her land a sure and delicate hand, respectful of the produce.

Passion and Creativity

An innate passion since childhood, Dottori expresses her connection with the land, the sea, and all that nature has to offer, articulating her creativity by continuing and expanding upon this very tradition of Italian cuisine.

The Sommelier Maurizio Dante Filippi

Maurizio Dante Filippi, awarded Best Sommelier of Italy 2016 (AIS), directs the hospitality with the sole objective guest satisfaction. Described in the press as “from the soul”, the service is focussed on careful customization to the expectations of each table…

..always in “Motion”

… Filippi likes to define his work as not in a restaurant with seven tables, but as seven restaurants within the same room. In absolute synergy with the kitchen, he utilises his highly tuned senses and knowledge of wine, beer, spirits and cocktails to propose imaginative, surprising and highly satisfying proposals to compliment and enhance your menu of choice.

“to get in the game requires courage, to stay in the game requires madness” … It seems to us that someone wrote or said this and therefore it is not our quote, but something to which we feel a sense of belonging. We never choose the easy path, and every day risk a little to bring you the best we can, even if this best is very often a new road to traverse…