Flavours in the Garden

You can imagine a room sober, elegant, quiet and enveloping, but walking through its historic center, where sixteenth-century buildings support each other remaining tightly wall to wall, no one could imagine the surprise of this space…

Space to Live

…a few steps to climb and your breath is suspended in the surprise. A large garden framed by bamboos and other tall trees, an ancient fountain from which timidly gushes the clear water.
Light, space, a place to live and where you can enjoy the summer, the cool, the air, but in tranquility.
A place reserved and not overlooking a street or square, no vehicle or vehicle noise has ever reached this space.
And it is still to be experienced breathing deeply in the feeling that through that corridor someone or something will soothe your soul.

Care Everywhere …

In the garden there are separate areas where the creations of Yeast 9|19 are served on bare and particularly welcoming tables; Breakfast, lunches and dinners, which speak to the research, time and care taken in preparation, but which are served with less ritual and in a time appropriate for people on the move.

… with Maurizio Dante Filippi

An ideal place for aperitivi, based on various preparations and selection of exclusive sparkling and still wines.

An area is reserved for dining, where the care of the internal rooms is replicated through “dressed” tables which maintain the identity and care in the service of Sala della Comitissa.

n a project exists motivations which shift the weight of decisions. A large internal garden, surrounded by thick vegetation, an ancient fountain from which water flows to provide a sound to this world, but most significantly, the breath of a beautiful season uninterrupted by a street, a square, a terrace … The Comitissa Garden is air.