The “Comitissa” on Tour

When an innate passion pushes an expression of an intent to the maximum commitment, it must journey beyond the place where the heart beats. With the enquiries and suggestions of our guests we have accepted invitations, proposed solutions, and had the opportunity to take our deeds and thoughts elsewhere. All external events created by the Sala della Comitissa are guided by the same identity and integrity you will find in the heart and home of the restaurant.

The emotion of an Event

More and more, people understand how the individual care taken in the cuisine prepared for and service provided to one’s table can result in some of life’s more precious and memorable moments. One of the characteristics that distinguishes the philosophy of the Sala della Comitissa, is that we will never settle for anything less that personalised menus and high-quality individualised service. Rest assured that you will leave our home having received a standardised or “banquet” style experience.

The Comitissa at Home

The Sala della Comitissa, with its entire staff or part thereof, can organize lunches or dinners in the home or chosen venue of the guest. Various formulas can be adapted to suit individual needs; our chef taking care of the preparation and presentation of the chosen menu, whilst our sommelier directs the accommodation of the premises, the preparation of tables and settings. It is possible to combine food/wine, beer, spirits, teas, tisanes and cocktails prepared by the sommelier and his assistants..

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