In the Cellar with Maurizio Dante Filippi

In our cellar, you find three rooms dug into the volcanic rock, connected by low and narrow arched passages, with recesses in the tender stone… and while the gaze wanders relentlessly to discover hidden corners, the temperature and moist air wrap you in a state of pleasure through which you immediately lose the feeling of time.

The best Sommelier of Italy 2016

The low light and deep silence of the cellar produces respectful whispers from we who are quests in transit, as the wines rest happily. More than 4000 bottles are stored in these cellars, which provide the perfect conditions for the wine to increase in quality and value over time.

We have been mindful to not damage the walls so rich in history. Without shelving, the natural crevices and features of the stone provide amenable places for the wines to rest and mature. The result is particularly rewarding because within moments, one feels transported elsewhere, to distant worlds and times. This, along with an inscribed cross, provides the sensation of being in a sacred place.

…don’t cover the lines that have matured over time.

“Time is evolution, change,” Maurizio continues, “and longevity is nothing more than the ability to resist and develop a wine’s unique characteristics according to the years that pass. Time must is not for the wine to hibernate, but to allow it to maintain and express character.”

cit. AIS Napoli 26 maggio 2019