Breakfast – Yeasts 9|19

It’s time to play his game, the absolute director. Also in the context of the Palazzo Fortuna residence in Civita Castellana, you hear a voice: that of leavening with mother yeast.

Aperitif – Lieviti 9|19

We don’t duplicate the restaurant. Instead, Yeast 9|19 alternates with it to serve, from 8.30 am, an exclusive breakfast, characterized by a new interpretation of the “old”. Croissants, brioches, Danish, maritozzi and everything else that enjoy the long leavening, and tarts and traditional cakes, produced exclusively, in addition to the savory.

Lunch – Lieviti 9|19

At lunch you can enjoy quality food served in a very functional way, with a guest’s time restrictions taken into considertion; first courses, soups, salads, but especially “Yeasts” and therefore not produced by charcuterie, but real gourmet preparations served in focacce, panbrioche, sandwiches, trapizzini and zoccoletti.

Every Sunday evening the proposal is amplified though events dedicated to the materials and exclusivity of some elements of those materials. There is no shortage of fun aperitifs and tasty snacks, with preparations and sensational spumante classic metodo proposed in various formulas all to be discovered.

In our journey, we have understood how important it is to dedicate time to leavening – to our “majestic mother” – and how, with the right time, the result can be decidedly different and enhanced.
Yeast 9|19 was born in Baschi (TR) and before becoming the home of our friends, it was the home of our mother yeast. What our yeast has done in Baschi, it continues to do in Civita Castellana, for us and for you.