Sala della Comitissa

The Sala della Comitissa was born in 2010 as a response to the previous life experiences of sommelier Maurizio Dante Filippi and chef Edi Dottori, who combined their energies to create, in a place as dificult and pleasant as the small and virtually uninhabited historic center of Baschi (TR), the “Sala of the Comitissa”: a Restaurant and Enoteca. Today the life and soul of the Sala continues its journey in the historic center of Civita Castellana (VT), in a recently restored sixteenth-century building in Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 23.

Identity in the Creation

We have been motivated by the hope to create a individual and recognisable brand. For this reason, attention to the reception and consideration of the guest, as well as bringing the story of the produce, and cleanliness and respect in the preparation and treatment of our creations, all serve to stimulate continuous research.

Only Quality Materials

Craftsmanship, care, and materials of which we know production methods and provenance, are the elements which allow us to articulate a compendium of the day’s activities through continually changing à la carte and a degustation menus; each capable of surprising for the uniqueness of their realisations.


Fuelled by a continuous quest for improvement and the discovery of new opportunities, the Sala della Comitissa moved in its entire scope (symbol, directors, staff, suppliers, philosophy and … hope) into a prestigious sixteenth-century building, recently restored with great charm and elegance, in the historic center of Civita Castellana (VT), where it has been operating since June 10, 2018.

“… time is something you can’t touch. It materializes in the hope of the future and in what has elapsed. The “moment” is the moment in which time, passing through the past, takes concrete form. This is why we would like to create “a moment to live” with the hope that this will become your memory of us. Thank you”

cit. Maurizio Dante Filippi